Bird Food Container: Top 20 Options for Easy Feeding

Bird Food Container Top 20 Options for Easy Feeding

There are various bird food containers available in different sizes, materials and price ranges, such as plastic, metal and tin containers with scoops and handles. Bird food containers are essential tools for feeding birds while keeping their food safely stored.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the right bird food container, from hanging feeders to seed dispensers and tote bags. The containers come in various sizes to hold different amounts of seed or food, and are made from different materials to accommodate various needs and preferences.

Some containers have scoops and leather handles for ease of use, while others have airtight seals or locking lids for added protection against pests. They are available at multiple retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Chewy. com at different price points to suit your budget.

Top 20 Bird Food Containers

Looking for the best bird food containers? Check out these top 20 options, including plastic and metal containers, some with scoops and others with airtight seals. Find the perfect bird food container to keep your feathered friends well fed and happy.

Container TypeRetailerPrice
PlasticHome Depot$9.99$19.99$33.41
PlasticTractor Supply Company$12.79
MetalHome Depot$27.97
PlasticTheisen’s$9.49$28.95 – $45 (Sale)
PlasticHobby Lobby$7.19$25.54 – $30 (Sale)
PlasticHome Depot$14.99$53.79 (Free shipping)$26.99$19.99
PlasticAce Hardware$19.99
MetalTractor Supply Company$20.79
MetalAce Hardware$31.99
PlasticSIM Supply$13.39$44.95 – $53 (Sale)
PlasticDo it Best$16.99$17.99$50.99
PlasticeBay$13.94 – $15 (Sale)
MetalBirds Choice$38.99$20.25$22.80
HopperWalmart$7.24$33.59$29.99 – $37 (Sale)$26.99
N/AmeijuhugaUseful Bird Food Container Hanging for Yard Food Storage
MetalWild Birds Unlimited – Nature ShopN/A


Plastic Containers

Looking for a bird food container? Various sizes and materials are available, including plastic and metal, from popular retailers such as Home Depot and Chewy. com. Keep your bird’s food fresh and easily accessible with a durable and convenient container, starting at just $7.

Brand/StoreMaterialPrice (USD)
Home DepotPlastic$9.99
Tractor Supply CompanyPlastic$12.79
Pet SupermarketPlastic$12.79
Do it BestPlastic$16.99
SIM SupplyPlastic$13.39
Ace HardwareMetal$19.99

If you’re looking for a bird food container, various stores sell plastic and metal containers with varying prices. Home Depot and Theisen’s offer bird containers at affordable prices, while and offer both plastic and metal containers at a higher cost. If you’re specifically looking for metal containers, consider checking out Behrens Metal Pet Food Storage Container Gray Locking Lid for All Pets sold by Ace Hardware and Buddeez Seed Dispenser available at Tractor Supply Company. Pet Supermarket also offers a metal container called The PetSteel White Bird Food Tin with Airtight Seal. Some of the popular plastic containers include More Birds SureFill Super Tote, Walmart – ColoredFlr, and FOIBURELY Portable Bird Feeder Cups Bird Food Water Treat Box Parrot Food Storage Container.

Metal Containers

Looking for a durable container to store bird food? Check out the wide selection of metal containers available online. These containers come in various sizes and shapes, and many include convenient features such as scoops and tight-fitting lids to keep your bird food fresh and protected.

Brand / Store NameMaterialPrice Range
Home DepotPlastic$9.99 – $27.97
Chewy.comPlastic$19.99 – $30 (Sale)
Amazon.comMetal$11.96 – $53.79 (Free shipping)
Petco.comPlastic$28.95 – $44.95 (Sale)
Ace HardwarePlastic / Metal$19.99 – $33.59
Birds ChoiceMetal$38.99
WalmartPlastic / Hopper$7.24 – $9.49

There are several options available for bird food containers. These include metal and plastic containers which are sold on,, Ace Hardware, Bird’s Choice, and other stores. The price range varies from $7.24 to $53.79 with different sizes and materials. Some containers come with scoops, carrying handles, airtight lids, and locking features. It is essential to choose a container that is suitable for your bird’s food and the amount you need to store. The table above highlights some popular brands and stores that sell bird food containers.

Hopper Containers

Looking for a bird food container to keep your feathered friends fed and happy? Check out a variety of options such as plastic and metal containers in different sizes and styles available at retailers like Home Depot, Chewy. com, and Prices start as low as $7. 24 for a plastic hopper container at Walmart.

Container TypeStore NameMaterialPrice Range
HopperWalmartPlastic$11.96 – $7.24
HopperChewy.comPlastic$30 – $19.99
HopperHome DepotPlastic$14.99 – $9.99
HopperPetco.comPlastic$45 – $7.19
Storage TinAmazon.comMetal$33.41 – $53.79
DispenserAce HardwarePlastic$19.99
Metal ContainerAmazon.comMetal$22.99 – $94.67
Locking Lid ContainerAce HardwareMetal$31.99
Transparent Gravity ContainerTemuAcrylic$3.60

Find the perfect container to store your bird’s food at an affordable price. Walmart,, Home Depot, and Theisen’s are a few of the stores that offer hopper containers made of plastic at an affordable price. If you’re looking for something more durable with a metal construction, check out, Ace Hardware, or Behrens. Some containers come with scoops for easy feeding like the Buddeez Seed Dispenser or DEAYOU Metal Bird Seed Container. A few stores offer metal storage tins for a more decorative look like the Burgon & Ball Bird Food Container Storage Tin with Scoop and Leather Handle from Find the container that fits your needs and budget for happy bird feeding!

Automatic Dispensers

An automatic bird food dispenser is a convenient option to ensure your feathered friends are fed regularly. There are various types of containers available, such as metal or plastic ones with tight-fitting lids, some of which come with scoops or leather handles.

These can be found online or at local stores like Home Depot, Walmart, and Petco.

RetailerMaterialTypePrice (in USD)
Home DepotPlasticHopper9.99
Tractor Supply CompanyPlastic12.79
Home DepotMetal27.97
Petco.comPlasticHopper28.95 – 45 (Sale)
Hobby LobbyPlastic7.19
Chewy.comPlastic25.54 – 30 (Sale)
Ace HardwarePlastic19.99
Amazon.comMetal53.79 (Free shipping)
Pet SupermarketPlastic12.79
Ace HardwareMetal31.99
SIM SupplyPlastic13.39
Petco.comPlasticHopper44.95 – 53 (Sale)
Do it BestPlastic16.99
Amazon.comMetal12.24 (Free shipping)
eBayPlastic13.94 (Sale)
Birds ChoiceMetal38.99
WalmartPlastic Hopper7.24
Chewy.comPlasticHopper29.99 – 37 (Sale)

Sale Items

Get your bird food container at discounted prices! Check out the sale items at Petco. com and Chewy. com where you can get up to 49% off. Amazon. com also offers various options including metal and plastic containers with free shipping for some.

RetailerPrice Range
Home Depot$9.99 – $27.97$19.99 – $30 (sale items available)$12.79 – $94.67 (free shipping available)
Tractor Supply Company$12.79 – $20.79
Theisen’s$9.49$28.95 – $45 (sale items available)
Hobby Lobby$7.19
Ace Hardware$19.99 – $31.99

There are a variety of retailers selling bird food containers at different price ranges. Home Depot and offer plastic containers for $9.99 to $30 (sale items available). provides both metal and plastic containers from $12.79 to $94.67 with free shipping available on some items. Tractor Supply Company has metal and plastic containers for $12.79 to $20.79. offers plastic containers for $28.95 to $45 (sale items available). Other retailers with bird food containers include Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardware, and Target with products ranging from $7.19 to $31.99.

Speciality Containers

Looking for a secure and reliable container to store your bird’s food? Check out the different options available online, including metal and plastic containers with a tight-fitting lid and scoop for easy feeding. Prices range from $7. 19 to $94.

Brand and ModelPriceMaterialWhere to Buy
Burgon & Ball Bird Food Container Storage Tin Charcoal Grey with Scoop and Leather Handle$
Blue Bird Seed Canister$7.19-$30PlasticHobby Lobby,, Home Depot
Buddeez Seed Dispenser$16.99-$20.79Plastic or MetalAce Hardware, Tractor Supply Company, Target
Geyecete Bird Feeder,Bird Food Jar Pet Food Storage Airtight Food Storage Container-Black$
DEAYOU Metal Bird Seed Container with Scoop, Treats Storage Bin, Coated Carbon Steel, Tight Fitting Lid, White$12.79-$, Pet Supermarket, Wayfair, PetSmart,, SIM Supply,, Do it Best
The PetSteel White Bird Food Tin with Airtight Seal with Lid | Hand Painted to Perfection with a cute Yellow Tweetie Bird Design$12.24-$,,, eBay, Birds Choice,
Bird Food Container Professional Interact Sliding Food Storage Box$7.24-$38.99Plastic (Hopper)Walmart,

Frequently Asked Questions For Bird Food Container

What Is The Best Way To Store Bird Food?

The best way to store bird food is by using a bird food container. There are various types of containers available in the market, including plastic, metal, and tin containers with scoops and leather handles, among others. Choose the container that suits your needs and your budget.

Make sure the container is airtight and keeps the food dry to prevent spoilage.

What Is The Best Bird Food For Bird Feeders?

The best bird food for bird feeders depends on the type of birds you want to attract. Generally, black-oil sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, and suet are popular and nutritious options. Birds also enjoy mealworms, fruit, and nuts. Avoid feeding birds bread and highly processed human foods.

How Do You Keep Bird Food Dry?

To keep bird food dry, store it in an airtight container or a bird food container with a tight-fitting lid. Avoid exposing the container to humidity or moisture, and keep it away from direct sunlight. Choose a container made of plastic, metal or other water-resistant materials to ensure food remains fresh and free from moisture.

How Do You Store Bird Seed In A Garage?

To store bird seed in a garage, use a bird food container made of plastic or metal. You can find various options at Home Depot, Chewy. com, Amazon. com, and other stores. Look for an airtight container with a tight-fitting lid and a scoop for easy use.

Hang a portable bird feeder cup or dispenser for easy access.


Choosing the right bird food container for your feathered friends is crucial for their health and well-being. With various options available in the market, including metal, plastic, and airtight containers, you can easily select the one that meets your needs and preferences.

Keeping their food fresh and safe from pests is now easier than ever, and you can enjoy watching birds flock to your yard while ensuring their nutritional needs are met. So, go ahead and invest in a quality bird food container for a happy and healthy bird population in your backyard.

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